Teacher Certification Australia

Certification at Highly Accomplished and Lead

The ‘Introduction to Highly Accomplished and Lead’ e-booklet is for teachers interested in knowing about Highly Accomplished and Lead under the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST). The e-booklet is written by Caroline Paget who has certified at Lead. Caroline Paget’s e-booklets include her own teaching methods, developed in response to many years of reading research on how to teach and implementing these methods in classrooms.

Advanced certification is based on schools making use of the knowledge, skills and practice of experienced teachers. Applications for Highly Accomplished and Lead are based on governance documents published by education standards authorities, however, the foundations of accomplished teaching are always based on research and data from students. This e-booklet outlines how to work with these foundations.

This e-booklet is in development and is unavailable at present.

The e-booklet identifies how to:

    • work with the Highly Accomplished standards and Lead standards in the APST.
    • view the Standards through a lens shaped by practice.
    • conceive plans related to your own contextual setting.
    • relate the Standards to Highly Accomplished and Lead practice.
    • validate impact.
    • absorb the role of referees into practice.
    • streamline thinking about the requirements for certification at Highly Accomplished and Lead.