Teacher Certification Australia


Expert Advice on Practice

Teacher Certification Australia connects nationally certified Highly Accomplished and Lead educators who supply e-consulting services, with schools and their teachers. These services are provided through email and other online and digital consulting platforms.

Consultant HALTs have their own business and ABN. Schools and HALTs make their own arrangements for invoicing and payments. Teacher Certification Australia does not receive commissions and plays no ongoing role in the agreement between a HALT and a school.

Teacher Certification Australia matches schools to HALTs based on school level (primary, secondary), school sector (government, catholic, independent) and the Australian state or territory where the HALT received their certification. When a school makes an enquiry, Teacher Certification Australia sends the name and contact details of one HALT only to the school and informs the HALT that their details have been forwarded to the school. No further correspondence about a HALT or a school is entered into by Teacher Certification Australia.

Email for schools and HALTs: