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Research to Practice Workshops

Research to Practice workshop packages provide 1-hour of professional learning delivered by your schools’ own presenter.

Each workshop outlines one Australian research study and guides participants to apply the research to their specific context, through planning, discussion, collaborative note-taking and other workshop activities. Workshops are based on research published in the last 8 years.

Research has an important role in supporting educators to work with feedback. All Research to Practice workshops guide participants through a structure for meshing research with feedback.

Workshops arrive complete with a PowerPoint and notes for participants, which include key information about the research and guidelines on activities. Comprehensive participant notes provide schools with flexible presentation options. Presenters may deliver the whole workshop, including the workshop activities, in one hour. Alternatively, participants may do some of the workshop activities in their own time, after presentation of the research findings. Inversely, participants may read about the research paper prior to a formal workshop that focuses on the activities. All presentation options suit participants spending at least one hour with the presenter and colleagues.

Research to Practice workshops contribute to the requirements for maintenance of Proficient registration in all Australian states and territories, by relating to one or more Standard Descriptors at the Proficient career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

The workshops also relate to Highly Accomplished and Lead. Educators who present a workshop in their own school and then guide the development of these research ideas in their own context, will find this work valuable for national certification. As well, the workshops are beneficial for maintenance of HALT certification.

Workshops are emailed to schools and comprise a PowerPoint presentation and participant notes.

Research to Practice workshops are easy to present because the participant notes fully explain the professional learning, and each page includes an image of the corresponding PowerPoint slide.

Click here for a sample page from a Research to Practice workshop.

List of Research to Practice workshops

1. Wellbeing: what primary and secondary students say!

2. How teachers are collecting their own data to inform teaching and personalise learning.

3. Differentiated instruction in a secondary school.

4. Classroom management: perspectives from secondary students.