Teacher Certification Australia

Maintenance of Registration at Proficient

This is a one-day workshop for teachers wanting to learn about teaching standards and maintenance of registration at Proficient.

The workshop is based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) and relates to the requirements of Australian states and territories: NSW, SA, Victoria, Qld, ACT and NT for maintaining Proficient.

Workshop participants learn to:

  • appreciate teaching standards.
  • write about standards of practice.
  • apply the APST to their context to support the identification of professional development needs and goals.
  • recognise what they already know and do in relation to the Standards, Focus areas and Standard Descriptors.
  • frame their practice using the language of the Standard Descriptors.
  • acknowledge their own expertise.
  • reflect on practice and professional learning.
  • write about professional development.

The workshop is designed as a professional learning package that schools self-deliver in their own time and at their own pace. Alternatively, this workshop may be presented at your school by Teacher Certification Australia.

The workshop on maintenance of Proficient includes a Powerpoint presentation, presenter’s notes and printed participant book.