Teacher Certification Australia

Certification at Highly Accomplished and Lead

This workshop is for teachers interested in knowing about Highly Accomplished and Lead under the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. This one-day workshop guides participants to understand the key conditions for progressing to higher career stages.

The training is based on the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and relates to the certification requirements of Australian states and territories: NSW, SA, Qld, ACT and NT.

Workshop participants learn to:

  • work with the Highly Accomplished and Lead Standard Descriptors.
  • view the Standards through a lens shaped by practice.
  • conceive plans related to their own context.
  • relate the Standards, Focus areas and Standard Descriptors.
  • collect and triangulate evidence.
  • validate impact.
  • absorb the role of referees into practice.
  • design an effective external observation.
  • streamline thinking about the requirements for certification at higher career stages.

The training caters for three different modes of participation in the same workshop. Participants are encouraged to work with either the Highly Accomplished or Lead level descriptors, however, may choose to complete the workshop activities for both career levels at the same time.

The workshop is designed as a professional learning package that schools self-deliver in their own time and at their own pace. Alternatively, this workshop may be presented at your school by Teacher Certification Australia.

The workshop includes a Powerpoint presentation, presenter’s notes, printed participant books and other print resources.