Teacher Certification Australia


Teacher Certification Australia promotes e-booklets written by Caroline Paget. Caroline has achieved national certification at Lead and has since developed a number of innovative and unique teaching approaches which teachers can implement in a school setting and online to improve learning. The e-booklets are also written to build understanding of teaching practices that relate to Proficient, Highly Accomplished and Lead in the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

Teacher Certification Australia also connects schools with Highly Accomplished and Lead educators who supply e-consulting services.

Quotes from around the world:

“You can do this! The National Board process for certification – it does make you a better teacher, but even more, it validates what you are already doing. So I want you to be encouraged. You can do this.” – Jerry Parks, National Board Certified Teacher.

“The Lead Practitioner (LP) programme celebrates and motivates great teachers on an individual basis, especially ones who lead others to develop themselves.” – The Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT).

“Digging into the National Board standards and certification process was a transformative experience for me and my teaching practice.” – Peggy Brookins, NBCT, former President and CEO of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.